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Ensuring women in the South have equitable opportunities to build wealth.

A community-driven project, for women, by women with... 


Intentional design to prioritize those experiencing the intersectionality of race and gender inequities, women of color.

Appropriate, flexible capital using new innovative financial models that provides...


An opportunity to test models and influence traditional financial and entrepreneurial ecosystems, 


Sparking local economic development.

Women Colleagues

Capital Access for Women Entrepreneurs 

When women-owned businesses succeed, families and communities thrive, and jobs are created. We are missing an opportunity to partner with women entrepreneurs in their efforts to build successful local businesses and bolster the future economy.

Women have historically had issues in obtaining capital through loans or venture capital, but the changes of 2020 put a spotlight on those issues.

The gender disparity for businesses ultimately affects us all.  Supporting women is not just good for women; it’s good for the world; it’s good for local communities.

We're pulling together networks and expertise to make it happen.

Ecosystem Collaboration

If we want to build a better future for our region, we have to address root challenges and make systematic shifts in the way we support women entrepreneurs. And, as a collaborative effort, we have the skill, expertise, and dedication to do it.


First Initiative:
The Fund

Investment Fund.png

Using a blended finance strategy, stacking philanthropic and investment capital, the fund will offer patient capital, character-based lending approved by an investment committee made up of women entrepreneur peers, who get paid for their time (because we pay women for their time), and will explore innovative models, such as revenue-based financing, where entrepreneurs pay back when they see profits.

Through these interventions, we hope to shift mindsets around investing, to encourage local engagement in economic development, and to influence change in the traditional financial system.

Now is the time to come together to support women entrepreneurs—to build a thriving economy, stronger communities, and the place we want our kids to grow up.


Every day that we wait for the current system to change, women business owners and the economy fall behind.

Let's support them now.

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